macro trend

2016 August 18

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There is an increasing consumer demand for products and services that support their health and wellbeing goals. As a result, 'wellness' has become a key business driver for many brands and retailers.

As consumers seek more control we see products and services develop that can help achieve ‘optimum self’ facilitating daily routines, reducing stress and complexity. Smart tools and mood-sensing tech are developed to help people manage their lives. Consumers expect devices to learn from their behaviours and predict optimum preferences for enhanced wellbeing. The ability to act intuitively and instinctively is the sweet spot for brands that want to stay relevant. Brands become wellness brokers who assist active lifestyles and engage the community, they go beyond personalisation to a place where engagement is hyper-responsive, glanceable and frictionless.

Marketing communications facilitates this too, alongside retail environments which provide calmness or vitality through intuitive formats centred on the intelligent use of lighting, colour and materials.

The pursuit of wellbeing is different for everyone, but an inside-out approach should be at its core.

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