interview: russell turner

2016 June 07

more foresight, less hindsight

Imagine packaging as the clothes your brand wears, imagine the product launch as a big event such as a wedding, research and planning plays a vital role in making sure the day runs smoothly.

Russell considers how trends affect packaging design and how we need to rethink traditional packaging formats and processes to discover new opportunities.

He explains the whole product development process as a ‘golden thread’ which touches all aspects of the supply chain and how packaging has a unique view of this journey.

It requires holistic thinking to create packaging which is frictionless and starts with how the world is changing, requires insights and knowledge to navigate these points, to stay relevant and become sustainable in order to envisage the landscape for launch and beyond.

As people behave differently we need to design and think differently – your packaging is your product, the clothes your brand wears.



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