design direction SS/17

2015 December 11


We believe all product categories are influenced by design trends. Our mood boards provide inspiration for colour, print and graphics as well as materials, finishes and form.

We hope these ever-evolving trends shape your packaging designs and make sure your product has impact and relevance at retail.

Our three directions for Spring Summer ’17 explore the opportunities that new materials and manufacturing technologies have to offer. Emotion and human connections are at the heart of ‘Sensuality’, ‘Fusion’ explores the dichotomy between organic and synthetic, whilst ‘Utility’ provides a new take on minimalism.

If you would like to understand how these directions could influence packaging in your category, please get in touch. 


utility - colour, pattern and graphics

A new minimalist design direction driven by major advancements in production and technology allows time to pause in today's fast moving world. The tech lull provides breathing space for designers to strip back and rationalise existing products to perform one function perfectly. Simplicity and practicality is key, balanced with soft material executions to bring warmth to design. Retro graphics referencing the Bauhaus movement deliver flat colour blocking that facilitates purpose. in 2017 we see a focus on 'how you live' rthaer than 'what you own'.

Download the mood boards which also include for inspiration for materials, finishes and form here.

Design Directions SS/17: Utility

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