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2016 December 28

as 2016 comes to a close... we take a moment to think what will shape packaging for the future?

What influences will drive design trends?

How will sustainability push innovation?

Where will technology inspire pack manufacturing?

This document takes a look at the trends currently influencing innovation and progression in the packaging world.

  • Visual - in a world of increasing noise and data, consumers are seeking brand packaging that visually delivers a clear and honest message with clarity of purpose in its design.
  • Sustainability - as future generations believe taking action themselves is the only way the world will move forward with a sustainable ethic, it is ever important for brands to look beyond day to day recycling and focus on their circular economic principles.
  • Tech smart - as technology continues to integrate seamlessly into our everyday lives, consumers are seeking smart packaging that is agile, convenient and predictive.
  • Brand connection - in a world of social commentary, consumers seek solace in brands that align with their own values and beliefs in order to develop a deeper connections and build trust.
  • Customization - with a desire to be recognised for who I am, what I believe, and how I am achieving it, this generation seeks a more personalized and customized approach for brands.
  • Provenance - the authenticity and provenance of our products is pushing brands to consider more honest and transparent communication and packaging. Simple labelling is no longer enough for consumers who demand more visibility from the manufacturing process.
  • Progressive pack - as consumers become more environmentally conscious about their purchases and packaging, manufacturing is pushing boundaries to support these more nomadic, responsible generations.

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