retail trend: ethical brands

2017 October 27

the rise in ecologically and environmentally aware consumers is fueling a revolution

Research conducted by Unilever found that over half of shoppers feel better when they buy sustainably made products. This is especially true of the younger generation who actively seek out brands and businesses that align with their values and are seen to be doing the right thing. 

Consumers are seeking more rewarding relationships with brands and a new breed of entrepreneur is emerging. Could Huff & Puff be the coolest hankie in the world?  It’s certainly a true millennial brand, dreamt up by friends on a ski-trip, financed through crowdfunding, with a simple decluttered message and a no-nonsense urban-meets-eco style.

Ethical luxury

With the ambition to produce the best handkerchiefs in the world without any compromise to social, ethical or environmental standards, Huff & Puff set out to source the softest and most sustainable fibre to produce their luxury handkerchiefs. The result of two years research led the team to Lyocell, a super soft, strong and biodegradable material derived from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees. The exquisite handkerchiefs feature vibrant designs and are produced in Belgium using closed loop production. Each handkerchief is designed to be a beautiful expression of personal style, character and mood.  

“When a brand is so focused on sustainability and luxury it is crucial that the packaging and POS reflect and enhance these values.  We looked at the brand DNA and explored a number of design options that were functional whilst clearly telling the brand story.” – Flore Wouters, more from less account manager.

Packaging design & POS

The primary packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and the countertop display is beautifully crafted out of eucalyptus wood which is super sustainable and a perfect fit with Huff & Puff’s brand DNA.  The packaging and POS for Huff & Puff has been designed by >< More from Less Foresight team in Brussels.

 “As a designer, it is a pleasure to work with an upcoming, newly founded company that believes so fiercely in telling the story of their product. It has been great to see the brand developing with the packaging. As Huff & Puff has such strong sustainability values, we are proud to complement that with sustainable packaging and POS design development.” - Mette Staal, designer at >< More from Less Brussels

Ethical consumerism

The rise in ethical consumerism seems set to continue as millennials demand brands that reflect their values, however, commentators emphasize the importance of authenticity. 


Authentic purpose

With ethical, social and environmental issues making headlines and the rise in active ethical consumerism, brands need to address their position on sustainability and purpose whilst convincing cynical consumers of their altruism. Those that fail to strike the right note will be accused of ‘green washing’.

“Business needs to move from a mindset of ‘marketing to consumers’ to a mindset of ‘mattering to people’. If as a brand or business you set out to matter to people and add value to their lives, you will do very well,” – David Jones, Mr & Mrs Jones (formerly chief executive, Havas)

Huff & Puff handkerchiefs go on sale from October, online and in-store. 

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