2016 January 21

as consumers continue to be challenged by food intolerances and health scares - further interest is shown in the provenance of products, driving a need for transparent packaging solutions

In a digital world where the tangible is vanishing, consumers elevate the physical attributes of product. 63% of consumers are highly influenced by the terms ‘real’, ‘authentic’, and ‘home-made’ (datamonitor). Authenticity is important for brands to reflect the increased interest in the production of its products. A general desire to consumer healthier, more natural foods is driving a need for more honest and transparent communication on pack. A new generation of consumers value ‘authenticity’ and ‘transparency’ over idealised brand promises.

Essential ingredients are repackaged in new formats to make cooking from scratch easier for time-poor chefs. Heritage is updated to become relevant and functional or designed, to demonstrate craftmanship with the use of honest materials.

Download this PDF to obtain a packaging overview and our industry perspective for the future.


pack perspective: authenticity

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