design direction AW18/19

2017 May 02


We believe all product categories are influenced by design trends. Our mood boards provide inspiration for colour, print and graphics as well as materials, finishes and form.

We hope these ever-evolving trends shape your packaging designs and make sure your product has impact and relevance at retail.

Our three directions for Autumn Winter 18/19 explore emerging innovations and ideas across all aspects of design. 'Edited' products explore the rise and influence of the new manufactured craft, driven by a yearning for simplification, serenity and a reduced lifestyle. 'Automation'  focuses on the integral relationship between human and machine as the space between them continues to blur. This is a bio-scientific design approach with wide appeal for consumers young and old who desire products that aid independence and improve quality of life. 'Venerate' explores the desire for self-spirituality, a combination and need to blend beliefs and rituals from a wide perspective to create a personal culture, leading to an enhanced consumer connection.

If you would like to understand how these directions could influence packaging in your category, please get in touch.


edited - colour, pattern and graphics

'Edited' is driven by the yearning for simplification, serenity and a reduced lifestyle. Bespoke selection brings a renewed attachment for tactility, comfort and harmony in our choices, a diversion from digital screens and technology. Evolving behaviours regarding "less is more" heightens our awareness of material origins, waste and manufacturing. As designers use hidden technology to showcase the beautiful imperfections of experimental ideas, they are fusing together the unexpected; ordinary blended with luxury, natural & bespoke patterning and reconsidered material forms. This design route explores the rise and influence of the new manufactured craft.

Download the mood boards which also include inspiration for materials, finishes and form here.

Design Direction AW18/19 : Edited

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