design direction SS'18

2016 November 29


We believe all product categories are influenced by design trends. Our mood boards provide inspiration for colour, print and graphics as well as materials, finishes and form.


We hope these ever-evolving trends shape your packaging designs and make sure your product has impact and relevance at retail.


Our three directions for Spring Summer '18 explore emerging innovations and ideas across all aspects of design. 'Eco-engineered' products are designed with practicality and function front of mind. Ethical values are the starting point for new product development for this direction. 'Frictionless' simplifies both physical and digital interaction offering instant engagement to the senses. Colour, graphics and movement play an ingegral role to create a new visual literacy for connected technologies. 'Biomimetic' draws inspiration from nature and embraces responsive materials to create subtle products that are discreet and agile.


If you would like to understand how these directions could influence packaging in your category, please get in touch.


eco-engineered - colour, pattern and graphics

Eco-engineered products are designed with practicality and functionality front of mind. Ethical values are the starting point for new product development. As ecological awareness grows we see designers continue to focus on production efficiency in order to reduce waste material from manufacturing processes.  A zero waste approach drives material development. Soft and simple shapes help to portray closed loop production. Textural imperfections from natural materials create a contrast with elemental finishes and smooth surfaces. New recyclable solutions and accelerated bio-degradable techniques provide opportunities for innovative products to enter the market place which are organic yet engineered. 

Download the mood boards which also include inspiration for materials, finishes and form here.

Design Direction SS'18: Eco-engineered

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