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2017 July 31

if we build it, they will ship it: why thinking ahead about transit packaging can save you millions

“Well, how hard can that be?”   Famous last words.

Is this situation familiar?  You invest your time and energy developing products for the market, and develop a supply chain model to ensure these new products make it to customers in a timely manner.  Then, you invest further in well-crafted brand promises implemented to the finest detail within your style guide. 

Next, you transfer the whole bundle to the OEM and ask: “when can we start shipping?” 

Rarely, up to this point, has any thought been given to transit packaging. Let’s be honest – the feeling is, you have invested all that time in developing the product, how hard can it be to get the package right?  Famous last words indeed.


Less® - As it turns out, getting your product into “a package” is, in truth, relatively easy.  Getting your product into the “optimal" package however, is more complicated. 

Being “Optimal” can be a game changer to survival in today’s competitive retail and omnichannel environment so it’s worth considering what it takes to make this happen.

Download the full report here to understand how to avoid being at risk of unnecessary product damage, inefficient container loading and problems with boxes moving through your automated DC.

More Depth, Less® Shallow - Precycling Report PDF

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