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2016 January 24

packaging essential requirements regulations – an overview

The purpose of these regulations is to reduce the materials used in product packaging, ensure that the  packaging is recyclable or reusable and to ensure that it contains minimal amounts of heavy metals. The essential requirements apply to businesses throughout the UK, regardless of turnover.

These regulations apply to businesses that:

  • Design or produce packaging
  • Pack or fill packaging to sell
  • Import packaging

Essential requirements compliance:

  • Minimise packaging volume and weight  in order to meet the minimum levels of safety, hygiene and consumer acceptance for the product
  • Ensure packaging is produced so as to permit reuse and recovery of materials in accordance with specific  requirements
  • Design packaging to be as environmentally friendly as possible
  • Ensure that packaging contained minimal hazardous or toxic substances
  • Keep the use of heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, and hexavalent below 100ppm by weight
  • Keep evidence proving that packaging complies with the essential requirements for four years after it is placed on the market. You must supply this information to enforcement officers within 28 days if requested

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