2016 January 21

what precycling means for product packaging

As the concept of sustainable living gains momentum with the general public, consumers are constantly on the look-out for ways in which they can increase the amount they reuse and recycle. This is where the modern concept of Precycling stems from. A product of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle concept, precycling focuses on the primary two methods, as the third requires the use of resources and machinery.

Instead of disposing glass, cans, paper and plastic into a recycling bin and leaving it for the waste management companies to work through, precyclers search for products that bypass the generation of waste all together or that can be reused for something else.  They consider how a product will contribute to global waste before deciding to buy it.

The packaging has had to adapt to the ever changing principals of the consumer. Sustainability was a game changer which kept packaging manufacturers on their toes. With this new concept of precycling, they will once again need to look at adjusting designs to meet consumer requirements. Consumers have placed higher value in sustainable packaging, made from eco-friendly materials; Recyclability or biodegradability is often a key requirement. 


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Precyclers take this one step further: although they are still looking for eco-friendly packaging, they also place emphasis on reduced packaging, or no packaging at all. The majority of products need packaging, so in order to meet consumer demands, manufacturers should be looking to reduce the materials used, designing reusable packaging, and using sustainable materials.

The precycling mentality has sparked a new range of supermarkets which offer non-packaged products, which are boxed in containers on shelves. The idea is that this will encourage customers to bring their own containers in which they can transport produce home, thus eliminating the need for packaging all together.

So in order to keep up with current changes in consumer demands, packaging manufacturers need to study existing packaging, think about how packaging can be reused by the consumer and inspire new ways to reuse packaging. Doing so will not only benefit the environment, but also help improve your brand as a whole.

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