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2017 March 30

are you missing an opportunity to engage with consumers at the point of physical delivery?

There are too many ecommerce businesses missing an opportunity to engage with their consumers at the point of physical delivery. Many believe that as long as they are delivering their product to the consumer undamaged and on time then that’s enough.  It may be enough to service your consumer’s minimum requirements but this approach isn’t building any relationship with the consumer and gives them little reason to like, share or review your product and most importantly it doesn’t build trust and loyalty with your brand.


source: dotcom distribution

Consumer delight!

In ecommerce, the shipped package represents the only true, physical touchpoint with the consumer and offers brand-owners and retailers an opportunity to communicate branding, advertising messages and even personalised offers and promotions directly into the hands (and home) of the consumer.

By converting the ecommerce delivery mindset from ‘it’s a mere package’ to one that treats it as a branded experience allows ecommerce businesses to continue the conversation with their consumer that started online or in advertising.  By getting this right, businesses can create an experience that consumers love and want to share.  This not only adds value to the consumer experience but also enhances the reputation of the e-tailer and builds competitive advantage.

52 percent of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers premium packaging -Dotcom Distribution

The very act of receiving beautiful or thoughtful personalised packaging triggers a psychological response in us called the reciprocal effect, shown to be a powerful motivator, compelling us to respond in kind. By creating an experience out of a simple transaction businesses can engage their consumers on a much deeper and more meaningful level and people just love to share great experiences.  In today’s social media world this equals posts, shares, likes and peer to peer recommendations and reviews. 

There are many ways to add value to ecommerce packaging, to find out more download the PDF below.



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