biodegradable vs bio-based

2016 July 18

biodegradable vs bio-based: what is the difference?

Packaging has an important role to play in our society. It protects products and allows their safe transportation, giving consumers access to otherwise unobtainable goods. Whilst being incredibly useful and essential in many ways it is disposable and therefore is seen as essentially wasteful. For this reason the packaging industry is under considerable pressure from consumers, lobbyists and politicians to continually reduce the harmful effects of packaging.

Furthermore, the packaging industry has an important role to play in meeting the demands of growing world populations and food shortages. Packaging is advancing food preservation through technologies designed to keep food fresh for longer whilst developments in bio-packaging concepts, materials and processes are emerging in response to the growing demands of socially and environmentally aware consumers.

With an increasing focus on protecting the environment and managing the world's resources responsibly, there is an emphasis on producing packaging that will;

- degrade quickly and be less harmful
- use fewer non-renewable resources
- have a reduced carbon footprint
- be recycled or repurposed easily

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