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2016 October 19

pepsico extends its zero Impact innovation fund to colleges and universities

PepsiCo has been partnering with over 100 colleges and universities to support campus recycling programmes but their recycling branch has announced plans to extend this funding to offer up to $10,000 to support sustainable initiatives.

Educational institutes will submit a sustainability proposal to PepsiCo Recycling that will be judged by its ingenuity, scalability and student community support.

"Great ideas can come from anyone, and we want to empower our college partners by giving them the right resources to lead by example... We hope that they're able to implement small, but impactful sustainability initiatives that inspire other universities to do the same." PepsiCo recycling programme director, Meagan Smith


source: pepsico recycling

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Sustainability pressures and changing consumer expectations are driving change in big businesses with a focus on reduced energy and water consumption, optimizing the value chain and transforming production and global distribution. PepsiCo's Recycling initiative is a clear commitment by the beverage giant to address sustainability aiming to bring recycling solutions to schools, universities and retailers across America and promote a sustainability culture.

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