visualising flavour

2017 April 25

can packaging deliver a visual cue for product flavour?

US craft beer company, Commonwealth Brewing Co wants consumers to get a sense of the beer’s flavor through the can design.  Each beer has its own unique flavour including, India Pale Ale, Papi Chulo and Chocolate Stout Marvolo and owners wanted this to be expressed and celebrated through a visual treatment on-pack. UK-based design studio Thirst specializes in craft drinks and has designed a range of packaging with a dynamic dye effect to capture the sense of flavour through swirling digital pattern using a range of deep, rich colours to represent bursting and lingering flavour notes. 


image courtesy of thirst

The stunning can designs are limited editions used by the craft brewery to drive interest using social media and to create a sense of exclusivity amongst consumers.

Other attempts to visualise flavour include Flaviar an app that builds a visual ‘flavour spiral’ to give consumers an engaging and visual way of selecting drinks.  The app also informs consumers with tasting notes, distillery information and reviews.  Read more about Flaviar here

>< opinion

The ability to visualise flavour through graphic design is an interesting concept for the food and beverage industry and one that craft and artisan sectors can certainly benefit from as they try to communicate their uniqueness.  Brands are having to work harder to communicate with audiences and even harder to engage so designers are always looking for innovative ways of connecting with consumers.

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