unilever sponsors innovation

2016 April 27

unilever’s the foundry invests in the future

The Foundry intends to drive technological and cultural transformation across Unilever by connecting the company’s brands with innovative start-ups from around the world. So far it has invested €18m ($20m) in 95 pilot schemes, of which almost half (45) have been scaled up.


unilever foundry logo (courtesy of Unilever)

According to Jeremy Basset, Head of The Foundry, the need for collaboration goes beyond the drive to do business – It’s about industry-wide responsibility. “As an industry and especially as a company we have a responsibility to raise the next generation of partners, whether that’s working with scalable partners or helping to incubate earlier-stage entrepreneurs.”

“we are on a mission to collaborate with innovators to make sustainable living commonplace.”

>< opinion

Unilever is a massive multinational company employing 171,000 people around the world and it clearly recognises both the challenges and the opportunities offered by the rapidly changing  consumer & retail landscape.  Big businesses are having to react rapidly to respond to changing consumer demands and technology-led innovations, but increasingly they are also being asked to take responsibility for future generations and our planet.

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