timberland aims high

2016 May 26

timberland has announced new ambitious sustainability goals for 2020

These include plans to plant 10 million trees and source 50% of its energy requirements from renewable sources.

In addition, Timberland has committed to be 100% organic across all their clothing ranges representing a huge challenge for Timberland and their supply chain.

The advantages of a sustainable approach is clear in terms of brand image: Timberland has recognized that today's consumers need to believe and trust that they will honour their brand values by actively getting involved in community, society and environmental issues. A sustainable approach to business is also a powerful uniting force throughout the value chain. Shared values and common purpose give corporations focus and ambitious targets drive a business forward. The other obvious benefits are to the environment itself, which has to be good for everyone involved as Colleen Vien, Sustainability Director at Timberland explains:

"At Timberland, we hold ourselves accountable for what goes into our products as well as how they're made, and we're constantly seeking innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. But it doesn't stop with products. As an outdoor brand, we've always been willing to put a stake in the ground and push ourselves to protect and preserve the outdoors. We owe it to ourselves, to our consumers and to our planet."


timberland – it’s good to have goals (courtesy of timberland)

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Timberland's outdoor heritage lends itself nicely to becoming the champions of the great outdoors. It will be interesting to watch how this commitment to 'protect & preserve' will take shape in reality and how Timberland will communicate this commitment to their consumers.

Sustainability is no longer a niche proposition. Changing consumer attitudes to the environment and to corporate responsibilities are forcing businesses to readdress their operations as well as their brand story.
Reference our sustainability report in which we examine how brands can attract a new generation of socially conscious smart consumers.

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