the disappearing package

2016 January 11

aaron mickelson creates a waste-eliminating packaging concept

As part of his thesis, Aaron (from New Yorks’ Pratt Institute) has created the disappearing package which delivers zero waste packaging solutions for everyday goods such as tea, detergent, soap and refuse bags.


Tide laundry POD detergent packaging

Mickleson redesigned Tide laundry POD detergent packaging into a single sheet of product pods encased in water-soluable plastic, with branding and instructions printed directly into the product using soap-soluble ink. Consumers tear off each POD, use one-by-one and with the last POD, the package itself is gone. The end result? Zero waste.

>< opinion

 Many environmentally friendly solutions are technologically driven but perhaps design can also lead the way with ingenious ideas and solutions to the Global problems we face. A brand that truly wants to commit to a sustainable future will invest in research and development to investigate less damaging operations right the way through a product’s journey to market, through to the actual moment of consumption and disposal.

Today many consumers have adopted a green mindset, for them a sustainable lifestyle is not a choice but a way of life. As a result we see consumers taking a more active interest in the entire product journey. They are demanding honest, responsible products and packaging and will buy into the promise of a sustainable future.

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