technology trend: smart packaging

2017 August 23

smart food label tackles the problem of food waste by detecting its environment

There is growing concern about the problems of food waste.  Not only are consumer groups vociferous on the social costs of food waste but environmentalists are lobbying brands, retailers and governments to take action because of the huge environmental cost of producing wasted food.

Around the world, upwards of 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted.  The cost of producing this food in carbon terms is equivalent to 1/3 of the world’s annual emissions from fossil fuels.


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How could a simple food label help?  Lobbyists argue that the current system of best before dates are misleading and can even exacerbate the problem.  The multi-award winning Mimica Touch system (previously known as Bump Mark) uses a bio-responsive label that reacts to the environment in the same way as the food within the package.  As the food goes off so the label responds and reveals bumps that are easily detected by the end-consumer.  Originally devised to aid visually impaired consumers, the tactile bio-responsive food label has been heralded as an answer to our food waste problem.

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Smart technology and the technological advances of the Internet of Things and nano-technology is giving us a glimpse of how much more accurately we will be able to measure and track products through the supply chain and in the home.   Packaging will be the key vehicle for delivering and communicating these product benefits and passing information onto the end-consumer.

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