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2017 October 25

will ecommerce ever be profitable?

Is the retail app the future of online shopping?

We know that consumers are using their smartphones to browse and shop and that they are seeking something more dynamic from their etail experience than the traditional loyalty schemes. Retailers keen to exploit this consumer behaviour are developing apps of their own with a view to driving engagement and loyalty. Etail sites are renowned for being clunky and frustrating. If you don’t know exactly what you want, browsing can be a nightmare, with hundreds of pages to scroll through. Research shows that a quarter of millennials want to be able to shop using a retail app with over half believing that shopping via an app is faster, mostly due to ease of finding items (43%) and being able to avoid queuing (39%). Apadmi 2017.

A retailer app success story is Asos, an etailer that manages to conduct 70% of global traffic and 58 % of global purchases on mobile. The app is thought to have been downloaded 10 million times. Most recently, Asos rolled out a visual search tool to U.K. iPhone app users that lets shoppers take a photo of a product they like in-app, which then pulls similar items from a pool of 85,000 product images that are available to purchase.


image courtesy of asos

“Our number one priority is: We need to build experiences that capitalize on mobile. We’re designing experiences that are essentially right for the customers’ devices because their entire lives are here. How do we make sure our experience matches that?” -  Rich Jones, Asos’s head of product and UX.

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Putting the consumer experience at the centre of the digital shopping strategy is common sense. By investing in technology that irons out the frustrations of browsing online etailers can give consumers a frustration free digital shopping experience by, decreasing waiting times and delays, simplifying payment and aiding product selection.  


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