sustainable shoebox

2017 May 09

nike commissioned a sustainable shoebox for air max day

Sustainability ambassador, architect and engineer Arthur Huang has designed this incredible Air Max shoebox from recycled drink containers and lids taking upcycling to whole new level. The shoebox is lightweight and stacks neatly for storage and display making it functional for the retail supply chain as well as user-friendly for consumers. It is created using plastics derived from leftover consumer packaging and is manufactured with no added chemicals.  It is also fully recyclable. The top of the box splits diagonally in half, with a central section holding the shoes snugly in place and holes in the side let consumers thread straps through to re-use the box as a backpack.

Huang, who is CEO of Miniwiz, a studio based in Taiwan and Berlin dedicated to finding new uses for waste and reducing the impact of materials on the environment aims to show how post-consumer waste can find a second life as the next generation of products. "What we do here is very simple, we try to use the stuff we throw away and use it in the most sustainable way, with the least carbon footprint, to create a new product," said Huang. "It's all about turning pollution into a solution for the future."


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Whilst many big brands are making headline grabbing sustainable product innovations, the consumer is still often left with an unsustainable packaging choice.  This is unpalatable for many purpose-driven consumers but in this case Huang has also designed the shoe going inside the shoebox.  The Air Max Royal 01 is made entirely from recycled materials making this shoe and its packaging a truly sustainable option.


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