sustainable living

2017 May 30

how can big business help us cut waste and run our homes and lives more efficiently?

IKEA has long been associated with efforts to be more sustainable, from initiatives to reduce their packaging to energy saving store schemes but now the retail giant has launched an initiative to help us actually live more sustainable lives. 

“An idea that we can strike a healthy balance with the world around us without having to make extreme changes, and without denying ourselves anything. With LAGOM in mind, we think you can live a more sustainable, healthy and cost-conscious life at home, without any dramatic upheaval.” 

LAGOM is a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount - not too much and not too little" and the project features a brochure full of tips on how to make small changes to the way you live to save energy and water, reduce waste and promote a healthy lifestyle. The fundamental approach of LAGOM is to let IKEA’s customers tell the sustainability story. 8,000 IKEA Family Members were offered £500 to spend on IKEA products that would help them meet LAGOM’s ambitions and they were then encouraged to share their experiences through a closed Facebook group and WhatsApp. The University of Surrey, in the UK, worked with the households to measure lifestyle change, including shifts in values and understanding as well as financial and environmental savings.


image courtesy of ikea

>< opinion

IKEA has reported that sales of its “sustainable life at home products” have nearly trebled and what’s more the company has a growing bank of customer stories from which it can learn and share.  LAGOM is a consumer engagement success story and proves how powerful purpose can be when the marketing message is backed-up with real action.  It also highlights how consumers are looking to brands and retailers to get involved in the world issues that concern them expecting them to be proactive rather than passive.


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