biobased packaging concept

2016 January 25

sustainable biobased packaging

A Swedish design house called Tomorrow Machine has been experimenting with sustainable food packaging concepts.

Tomorrow Machine unites visual appeal with highly innovative and operational technologies to create packaging that is beautiful to look at, full of brand appeal and does it’s job – all without compromising on its eco credentials.  Using biodegradable materials, they have created food packaging that shares the life span of the food it contains. In stunningly beautiful colours and minimalist shapes, these concept containers for oils, dry foods and liquids disintegrate when the contents are used. hh


Rice Packaging made of biodegradable beeswax. You ‘peel’ it like an orange! The fresh drink container is made out of seaweed and the olive oil package is wax coated sugar that disappears on contact with water.

>< opinion

The appetite for genuinely sustainable packaging is no longer niche.  Brands and retailers are recognizing the demand and share concerns about a sustainable future.  Designers are finding ways to respond and technologies are emerging that are making sustainability more accessible.  Now it is about recognizing how it affects your brand and what you can do about it. Don’t wait until a genuinely sustainable alternative pops up and steals your thunder, act now.

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