star wars

2016 January 20

may the force be with you!

Star Wars was the biggest marketing event of 2015 and everyone wanted a piece of the action.  Official partner brands including Max Factor, Duracell and Subway created custom campaigns but many others organized events and promotions based around a Star Wars theme or with a Star Wars reference.

Facebook invited users to add a red or a blue lightsaber to their profile picture to demonstrate affinity to the light or the dark side and Argos’ Christmas ad featured a stunt man sky diving wearing a Darth Vader mask!  The much anticipated release gave retailers scope to create fun events instore, tapping into the excitement and finding wonderfully creative ways to reference the film.


Created for Tesco by Bartle Bogle Hegarty

>< opinion

Humour always gives brands a little more license and researching this piece we came across another Star Wars reference.  It was for condoms and the packaging was printed with ‘I will not be your Father’!   Brilliant!  An amusing parody that is product relevant and very clever.


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