2017 March 06

brands are looking to refill options to offer consumers a more sustainable service

Road freight transport alone represents 30% of all transport emissions in the UK and obviously the heavier a product is the more it costs to transport. A high proportion of domestic cleaning, laundry and health and beauty products come in liquid form which is by its nature difficult and expensive to transport.

Liquids do however lend themselves to refilling solutions and many brands are exploring packaging solutions that allow a primary bottle to be topped up with light-weight concentrated refills. Powys based eco-manufacturer Splosh manufactures its home cleaning, soap and laundry products in concentrate form. Consumers need just one bottle that they can use time and again by adding the sachet of concentrate and mixing it with water. The packaging for the sachets is made from recycled cardboard and is designed to fit directly through a standard letterbox (Splosh sells almost exclusively online). Customers then post back the cardboard packaging and sachets free of charge for repurposing.


photo courtesy of splosh

>< opinion

Splosh is a great example of a disruptor brand entering a mature market with a novel business model.  By concentrating on offering consumers a purpose-led proposition, they are able to meet growing demand for a sustainable product that is convenient, easy to use and then to repurpose. Very neat.


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