societal trend: food waste

2018 January 24

retailers and brands raise their game to help homeless charities and tackle food waste

The Trussell Trust is a charity that helps support UK communities via its network of over 400 foodbanks. In 2017 it handed out 1.2 million food parcels and has seen demand for food rise.  With a spotlight on both poverty and food waste over recent years, great progress has been made to redistribute unsold food destined for the bin to homeless charities and foodbanks helping to address the human, economic and environmental cost of food waste. 

With the spotlight on poverty in the run up to Christmas last year, Unilever launched 20 limited-edition packs across leading brands such as Hellmanns and Coleman’s featuring The Trussell Trust logo and the strapline, ‘Help Fight UK Hunger’. In an exclusive arrangement with Tesco, the sale of each of these packs released 5p for the Trust. Tesco has been partnering with The Trussell Trust for many years but could this collaboration between brand and retailer be a sign of what’s to come as consumers ask brands to focus on the real issues in their communities to help make a difference?


image courtesy of the trussell trust

>< opinion

It seems shocking that retailers have been throwing away food that could be put to good use but the tide is turning and it’s encouraging to see collaborations between brands, retailers and charities to redistribute this food. Limited edition packaging is a great way to communicate good causes to consumers with visibility instore as well as reinforced awareness in the home.  Perhaps the next step is smart packaging offering consumers further involvement through AR enhancement?

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