smart water bottle

2016 March 23

seed - the smart water bottle that helps you stay hydrated

Chinese startup company Moikit has launched a smart water bottle called ‘Seed’ using crowdfunding. Seed features a LED touchscreen cap that reminds you to drink, tracks your consumption and connects with apps via Bluetooth. A sensor in the cap uses Moikit’s Air-Elastic technology to measure the volume of air left in the bottle after each sip.  When you’ve gone too long without a drink, the cap vibrates and displays a reminder on its LED screen. Tapping on the lid shows you the water’s temperature and twisting it reveals how much you’ve drunk that day.  


‘Seed’ bottles (courtesy of Tech Insider)

Seed syncs with the company’s free Android and iOS app allowing users to track their drinking habits and set up reminders. They can also input weight and activity information to customize their schedule. The bottle can also connect with third-party health apps like Jawbone.

>< opinion

It used to be easy to identify a ‘high-tech’ product but smart technology is becoming more assessable and economical to produce, creating opportunities for mass production into everyday and seemingly mundane objects and creating opportunities to really enhance consumer’s lives. Crowdfunding initiatives are changing the way products come to market, allowing entrepreneurial businesses increased speed to market and greater impact. Traditional businesses should look to smart technologies and how they might impact their market in order to stay relevant.

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