second hand revolution

2017 May 23

imagine a world where nothing is wasted and everything gets a second chance

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria is a shopping mall dedicated entirely to repaired and upcycled goods. Based in Sweden it is the first center of its kind which combines recycling with retail and entertainment. Consumers can take their unwanted stuff along and drop it off at the recycling point, from where it goes off to be sorted, repaired and upcycled, before then hitting the shops to browse other people’s unwanted, upcycled goods!

There are 14 shops in the mall specializing in furniture, electronics, clothes, toys, bicycles, gardening and building materials. There is also a café selling organic treats, an exhibition space, conference facilities and a training college focusing on recycling and sustainability.


image courtesy of retuna

>< opinion

The very nature of this project is uplifting as it challenges the wasteful way that societies currently operate.  By changing perceptions of the value of unwanted goods and diverting them from the waste stream the benefits spread beyond the obvious environmental ones and into the wider community as it is rejuvenated by the creation of repair workshops and shared community spaces. 


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