2016 September 07

brands share in olympic glory

As Rio 2016 got underway on the other side of the world, the official sponsors showed their support of National teams with themed ad campaigns, social media and limited edition packaging.

In the US, official sponsors, Hershey's launched special packs of their famous Kisses chocolate in patriotic stars & stripes. The generic team colours proved a clever pitch across all sports, associating the brand with success across all events. Hershey's long running support of US sports has earned them a reputation as the most patriotic brand in America.

Other brands chose to identify more closely with individual events or athletes. Coca-Cola's #ThatsGold campaign crossed all media and featured Olympians from across all sports and countries. #ThatsGold is an extension of Coke's new "one-brand" marketing strategy, which unites all four Trademark Coke brands under the "Taste the Feeling" creative campaign. Kellogg's also chose to throw its support behind individual sportspeople which allowed a tailored campaign across major territories whilst embracing the Olympic spirit and backing National teams.


packaging courtesy of coca-cola & kellogg’s

>< opinion

The most successful Rio 2016 consumer campaigns are inclusive and collaborative. The success of Coke's #ThatsGold lies in its unashamed support of National Olympic ambition - celebrating medal success and tapping into the positive and uplifting spirit of the Olympic movement to get people involved and part of the conversation. Consumers are no longer passive audiences but active participants.


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