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2017 October 04

huff & puff luxury ‘pocketwear’ brand

Huff & Puff is a luxury ‘pocketwear’ brand with ambitions to revolutionize the image of the staid handkerchief for the millennial generation.  The brand was dreamt up by friends on a ski-trip, financed through crowdfunding and has a no-nonsense urban-meets-ecological style. Huff & Puff is all about bringing a luxury product to consumers without any compromise to social, ethical or environmental standards. The Belgian brand produces luxury handkerchiefs made from eucalyptus fibre which is a uniquely sustainable source.  The exquisite handkerchiefs are produced in Belgium using closed loop production and traditional techniques. 

 “When the brand is so focused on sustainability and luxury it is crucial that the packaging and in-store display materials reflected these values. We looked at the brand DNA and explored a number of design options that were functional whilst clearly telling the brand story.”Flore Wouters, More from Less account manager.


prototyping for POS displays

The primary packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and the countertop display is beautifully crafted out of eucalyptus wood which is super sustainable and a perfect fit with Huff &Puff’s brand DNA. The packaging and POS for Huff & Puff has been designed by >< Foresight team in Brussels using their extensive knowledge of design cues and consumer purchasing behaviour.

>< opinion

The digital revolution and access to funds through crowd-sourcing is having an unprecedented impact on the ability of non-traditional start-ups to enter the market. Consumers are joining forces around shared values and purpose to produce a new generation of goods and services that do good and well as look good. 

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