retail trend: brandless

2017 September 06

what is the role of the brand in today’s evolving retail landscape?

Brandless is a totally new shopping concept which is challenging our perception of branding and brand values. It is a paradigm built around the ambition of its founders to offer an honest, transparent shopping experience that is big on quality but small on price.

Brandless offers own-label grocery and household products available exclusively online at the super low fixed price of $3 each.  In order to provide high-quality products at this price they have carefully selected key products and removed the array of choice surrounding flavours and formulas to pare choice back to the basics.  Brandless identified that consumers are inundated with a confusing array of choice that encourages over-consumption and over-spend. They call this over-spend ‘brandtax’ and they monitor major retailers to calculate the amount of ‘brandtax’ their consumers are saving with each shop.   


photo courtesy of brandless

>< opinion

Brandless is an audacious start-up, taking on major retailers as well as household brands and its key message speaks directly to disengaged consumers who are fed-up with the lack of transparency in the existing retail model. Their message is strong on purpose and they offer subscribers the means to support worthy causes such as homelessness. The appetite for online shopping and the convenience of home delivery is driving change throughout retail and the future role of the ‘brand’ is evolving way beyond quality control to represent purpose and values.


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