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2016 December 14

bionurse wins the first biomimicry global design award for its seedling packaging made from waste corn stalks

A team from the Ceres Regional Center in Chile called BioNurse has won with 'BioPatch' a sustainable solution designed to protect seedlings and increase soil health, drawing inspiration from natural processes.

BioPatch is a container fabricated using waste corn stalks that biodegrades after just one growing season. It enhances soil's capacity to retain water, nutrients, and micro-organisms so that degraded land is restored for the next generation of crops. The design's inspiration comes from hardy "nurse" plants like Yareta, which are typically found in degraded soils and are usually the first plant to grow paving the way for other species.

BioPatch is a truly circular system that takes existing waste product and creates an affordable agricultural solution that will have a real impact in areas of the world where farming is limited due to poor soil.


photo courtesy of biomimicry institute

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This project demonstrates the impact biomimicry can have on sustainable living.  What else can we learn from nature?  Designers are increasingly applying biomimicry principals to all sorts of design challenges and drawing inspiration from natural systems to think in a sustainable way.

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