2016 November 09

there is a growing trend for 'pouch' packs driven by consumer demand for convenience and single servings

The use of flexible plastic pouches continues to grow as more brands react to consumers demand for convenience and single servings.

Consumers are choosing pouches over traditional rigid plastic, glass, paper, metal packaging and global market demand is projected to rise 6.2% annually to $37.3 billion in 2018 - Freedonia Group

Food is the largest and most developed market for pouch use but pharma/medical and beverage are also increasingly looking to pouches as a viable alternative to more traditional formats.
Technological advancements in seal and barrier technologies for pouches are keeping food fresher for longer at all stages of the supply chain and offering perishable goods like yogurt an extended shelf-life.


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As the influence of the millennials grows in significance brands are having to seek ever more convenient solutions and adapt formats and pack sizes to suit. The pouch format certainly offers brands a useful and appealing option and its appeal isn't limited to consumer benefits; pouches are smaller and thinner than glass, paper and metal packaging and will use 60% less plastic compared with rigid packaging

Pouches also have a higher product-to-packaging ratio, require less energy to produce and take up less space in transport.

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