pokémon go

2016 August 10

pokémon go the augmented-reality game has massive mainstream appeal

Pokémon Go has been taking the world by storm. Using an app that superimposes Pokémon characters over a real-world environment, it has people chasing characters all over the world.

Despite being around for years, AR has remained mainly niche through one off campaigns powered by Blippar such as Pepsi Max's #Futbolnow. From the consumer's point of view it has always been a trade off between added value content and the hassle factor of downloading another app.

Could Pokémon Go be a turning point? Could AR become a platform rather than just a gimmick? Since its launch in July 2016, co-owner Nintendo has seen an almost 25% rise in its share price. The game tops the US app charts and it's set to do the same in Europe.


pokémon go (courtesy of pokémon)

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Much of the success of Pokémon Go is down to its gaming heritage and the enthusiasm for the Pokémon gaming franchise, it will remain to be seen whether its success will translate to other brands although no doubt many will try! 2016 is seen as the turning point in the mass adoption of immersive digital products and AR offers brands a new way to talk to consumers through a truly immersive experience.

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