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2017 July 25

marks & spencer announces bold new sustainability plan

2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of Marks & Spencer’s ground-breaking Plan A.  The programme was launched to address the social, environmental and ethical issues facing M&S and they have been hugely successful in reducing waste and energy consumption - but the business realizes that to make real change they need to think big.

"We've achieved and learnt so much, delivered 296 commitments and received more than 240 awards in the last ten years - but this was just a dress rehearsal for the enormous, disruptive steps that M&S and every other business will need to take in the next decade to become truly sustainable."  - Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business at M&S.

Plan A 2025 makes an ambitious commitment to engage all stakeholders within M&S’s global supply chain to make a positive impact on the world. Its 10 headline commitments are:

Plan A 2025

  1. to be the world’s leading retailer on engaging and supporting customers in sustainable living
  2. to help 10 million people live happier and healthier lives
  3. to help transform 1000 Communities
  4. to champion Human Rights by taking a lead on addressing in-work poverty, modern day slavery and an inclusive society
  5. to ensure 100% of our products address 100% of their material social and environmental impacts
  6. to ensure 100% of factories are on a sustainability ladder with 50% of our products coming from the very highest Gold standard
  7. to ensure our 50 key raw materials (80% by volume
    of what we use) come from a sustainable source
  8. to set a science-based target to accelerate our shift
    to a low carbon business
  9. to be a circular business generating zero waste
  10. to be a leader on transparency

image courtesy of m&s

>< opinion

M&S has proven itself a Global leader on sustainability. Well before sustainability became the buzz word it is today M&S was implementing social, environmental and ethical programmes across their entire supply chain. The digital revolution currently occurring in our society is rapidly changing the way we shop and retailers are struggling to evolve to future proof against these changes. Perhaps technology offers unprecedented opportunities to help implement and monitor sustainability metrics forging closer ties between the disparate parts of the supply chain?
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