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2017 January 30

coca-cola european partners (CCEP) tackle waste head on

Coca-Cola European Partners has teamed up with Avery Dennison, Viridor and PET UK to tackle waste, rising costs and the carbon footprint of Smartwater production in the United Kingdom.

Bottle liners have traditionally been incinerated or disposed of at a direct cost to Coca-Cola - in total around 8 tonnes of liner waste is generated for every 10 million bottles of Smartwater produced, whereas this initiative turns the label waste back into products and in 2016 70 tonnes of PET label waste was recycled at the company's Morpeth factory.

More than 50 million bottles of Smartwater are produced annually and the PET liners used generate over 40 tonnes of waste, costing around £8,500 in disposal/handling costs. Under the new recycling scheme, PET UK shreds and extrudes the waste PET liner and then transforms them into a raw material suitable for making new items such as PET staple fiber, strapping or thermoformable sheets, which are used in the production of trays.

The company estimates this reduces the factory's carbon footprint by 180-200 tonnes of CO2.

"Packaging alone represents over half of CCE's value chain carbon footprint - that's larger than the combined carbon emissions from our manufacturing facilities, distribution networks and cold drink equipment. Packaging represents the single biggest opportunity our business has to reduce the impact we have on the environment." - Joe Franses, Sustainability Director at Coca-Cola Enterprises



photo courtesy of avery dennison

>< opinion

Businesses with a consumer facing product or service are increasingly under pressure to adopt science based sustainability goals and by taking a collaborative circular economy model CCEP and its partners are investing in a sustainable future. Incidentally the environment isn't the only winner with the initiative expected to create an annual saving of around £25,000.

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