packaging trend: enhanced packaging design

2018 January 10

smart packaging can bring your promotions to life in-store and in the home

Mintel’s Big Packaging Trends 2018 highlight many of the macro trends in society like sustainability and food waste but their research has also highlighted the growing importance of technology, innovation and consumer engagement. Long recognised as an important part of the marketing mix, packaging is entering a new realm of what is possible; the convergence of app based AR, printable smart technology and the explosion of mobile is heralding a new era in consumer packaging. The physical pack has always had to balance the demands of function with brand communication but the digital revolution opens the door to entertainment possibilities that can easily be enjoyed and shared amongst peers.

“Physical packaging can extend into a digital realm, containers can tell stories, boxes can augment reality and unlock hidden content.” – DIELINE

Smart packaging offers brands exciting opportunities to engage with consumers by offering experiences beyond the physical. Shazam is taking the lead with scannable tags on packaging, print and outdoor ads that brings a short promotion or ad to life via shoppers’ mobiles. Many brands are using smart technology to unlock special immersive or interactive experiences that go beyond mere transaction and build brand relevance and loyalty.  Jagermeister has a long history of collaborating with Shazam to bring seasonal promotions to life, including this Halloween 2017 campaign inviting consumers to ‘discover their dark side’.


image courtesy of Jagermeister USA

Other brands teaming up with Shazam include Coca-Cola with its ‘Share a Coke and a Song’ campaign offering consumers the opportunity to record a short lip-sync video, Kit-Kat offering exclusive content and prizes as well as Sony, Honda and Asda.

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The technology now exists to enhance advertising and promotions via interactive packaging features and more and more brands are embracing it to build digital campaigns that integrate the physical and online shopping experience in a seamless branded experience.  Brands able to communicate in this way are forging strong bonds with consumers and benefiting from the viral benefits of peer to peer sharing.


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