2016 June 14

consumers demand more veggies

Pret A Manger puts strong year-on-year results down to increased consumer demand for vegetarian options. Pret opened 36 new shops worldwide last year and their best selling product for the last 12 months has been revealed as its veggie 'Beets, Squash and Feta Superbowl', selling 17,000 / week.

With more consumer demand for meat free options and a genuine interest in healthy eating Pret is running an in-store and on-line campaign called 'Not just for veggies'. The campaign aims to make it easier for everyone to consume less meat whilst having access to exciting flavours.


pret a manger – not just for veggies (courtesy of pret a manger)

>< opinion

Brands and retailers are having to adapt quickly to changing consumer habits. Those doing best are listening, consulting and engaging with their consumers in order to understand what they want. With so many options available and so many disruptor brands popping up to challenge, the old guard brands have to stay relevant.

Time to throw out the old demographic models of consumer behaviour in search of new tribes. New consumer needs create opportunities for packaging designs to increase convenience and relevance.
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