musical wine

2016 July 08

a match made in heaven? the marriage of wine and music is embodied in vismino’s beautiful visual identity

Georgian wine producer, GWS has launched a new wine brand with 14 different varieties called Vismino, inspired by a fusion of colour and music and celebrating 8,000 years of wine growing heritage.

GWS wanted to create a modern urban legend to create a stir in the mainstream wine market. Each of the 14 varieties has its own distinct character and is inspired by a specific piece of music from composers such as Mozart, List & Debussy. This musical link is then continued through the production of the wine itself with music played at the vineyards, and then used to design the wonderfully colourful labels on the bottles themselves.
The unusual paint effects are unique to each variety and piece of music and were created using an especially adapted piano. Consumers are encouraged to engage with the wine's creative heritage via a QR code on the bottle, this allows consumers to enjoy their wine whilst listening to the music that inspired it.


vismino wine (courtesy of the dieline)

>< opinion

Vismino represents a truly innovative approach to wine making and marketing. In an effort to fuse music and wine, GWS has created something beautiful and unusual that is sure to appeal to consumers. The inclusion of the QR code to bring the music inspiration directly to the consumer is an example of how new technology can add true value to packaging.

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