mission impeccable

2016 October 05

ted baker launches autumn/winter range with a shoppable film

To promote its autumn/winter range Ted Baker has launched a three-minute short film titled 'Mission Impeccable'. The film was executive produced by Guy Ritchie and features the leader of spy agency 'T.E.D' deploying agents to prevent a global couture catastrophe. Of course the agents are devastatingly good-looking and well dressed!

The film will run across digital channels such as Instagram and YouTube but the film on the Ted Baker and Selfridges websites will be fully shoppable. Every item of clothing in the ad can be bought by simply clicking on it in the video.

The film is a significant move by Ted Baker to use emerging technology to tap into consumer demand for instantly accessible fashion. E-tailing continues to grow, consumers want to access information and entertainment on the go and they want to shop at their convenience. Previous tests with shoppable video saw a 30% rise in sales and engagement and Ted Baker sees Mission Impeccable as a long-term investment to be developed across digital platforms. Tying in with the Mission Impeccable theme, Ted Baker has also partnered with Google on a gamified, content-prompted interactive window experience at selected stores, including London and NYC.


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The new demands of retail and delivery are reshaping packaging configurations and formats globally. The retail landscape is changing so quickly that it's hard to keep up. Brands are welcoming the opportunities technology can provide them in terms of creativity and consumers are responding to brands that bring them entertaining content via mobile platforms. The fact remains however that at the end of this experience a physical product needs to be delivered to the consumer. The packaging the product arrives in is still an essential part of the brand experience and it can add value to the brand or devalue it depending on a host of variables such as its design quality, materials, creativity, ease-of-use and many more. Ted Baker's new collection needs to arrive in a beautiful, Mission Impeccable inspired box.


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