2017 February 20

mcdonald’s adopts the uber model as it reaches out to millenials

Competition amongst fast food restaurants is hotting up as the consumer generation dubbed as Millenials (20-40 yr olds) favour convenience over cost. Whilst the fast food business model has always considered convenience, today's consumer mind-set and mobile technology combine to raise the bar considerably.

Home delivery is already an option in parts of Asia but McDonald's latest initiatve is being spearheaded in the USA on a much larger scale and in conjunction with the development of a mobile ordering app allowing consumers to pre-order, pre-pay and track the delivery of their food. In order to fulfil these orders, McDonald's is teaming up with UberEATS in a trial involving over 200 restaurants in Tampa, Miami and Orlando. The company hopes to roll out worldwide mobile ordering by 2018, starting with leading markets including the U.S., Australia, Canada, France and the U.K. next year.

A concern for McDonald's will be how to safeguard the quality of their food over the journey from restaurant to the home especially as food quality is at the core of McDonald's recent marketing drive aiming to build consumer trust in the authenticity of its ingredients.


image courtesy of mcdonalds

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The world of retailing is rapidly changing as technology facilitates a more flexible and convenient economy and consumers expect product and service providers to fit their lifestyles and not the other way around. The challenge for packaging designers is to provide a design solution that maintains the integrity of the product in transit as well as carrying the brand values and story directly into the consumer's home.

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