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2017 September 13

can compostable packaging go mainstream?

There are viable compostable packaging alternatives to disposable plastic food & drinks containers so why haven’t they gone mainstream?  Vegware is the only compostable packaging company operating globally - its range includes hot and cold drink cups, takeout boxes and food containers and they are all low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and can all be recycled along with food waste eliminating the problems faced by cross-contamination.

Vegware operates on a circular model demonstrating that if you can recapture the value in packaging to reuse it you are creating a sustainable competitive advantage as well as minimizing your environmental impact. Aware that end consumers are increasingly interested in what businesses are doing to address sustainability, Vegware produces ‘Eco Audits’ to measure the environmental benefits of their products in terms of carbon and virgin material saved along with potential landfill diversion. This information is provided to customers with every order. 


image courtesy of vegware

>< opinion

Isn’t this a win win for the catering industry?  Why is take-up amongst the industry so slow?  Why is it mostly the Independent sector that is championing compostable bioplastics?  Perhaps big businesses simply don’t understand the long-term benefits of a ROI that is demonstrated in terms of environmental impact and consumer and staff engagement rather than hard income? 


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