macro trend: sustainability

2017 August 09

replenish is a new breed of sustainable packaging companies that want to change the world

The typical linear economy starts with the manufacture of a product followed by transportation over great distances, storage, purchase, end-use and eventual disposal. This linear system then starts again at great cost to the environment and business.

Recognising that this current system is inherently inefficient has led US start-up Replenish to think of a different way to approach plastic consumer packaging. This company has adopted circular thinking to try and close the loop and tackle waste. Replenish has designed a refill system using a no pour, no mess and no waste approach. Recognising that 90% of most liquid household products are actually water, replenish supplies concentrates in refill pods that simply attach and mix inside a reusable bottle.


photo courtesy of replenish

>< opinion

Today’s consumers want brands to act responsibly and take positive action and the environment is right at the top of their list of concerns. Replenish has designed a simple packaging system that could significantly reduce the amount of energy and resources used in household consumer goods manufacturing.  We should expect more innovation like this as young crusader entrepreneurs actively seek out solutions to the planet’s problems.

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