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2016 July 13

lush look to an app to engage with consumers

Lush, the bath and beauty retailer has launch a new app that allows consumers to explore, discover and shop fresh handmade cosmetics on the go. The app will also give users access to exclusive content and product lines.

In a novel search system, the app allows consumers to search according to mood, as well as more traditional searches based on scent and occasion.

In addition to bringing product knowledge and purchasing opportunities to consumers on the go, the app also allows Lush to proudly deliver its message on their social, ethical and sustainability standards. Users can learn about the ethical sourcing of Lush's ingredients, including the SLush Fund, in which 2% of the money Lush spends on raw material and packaging supports sustainable farming and community projects.

In a collaborative approach to the app's future development, Lush is asking users for feedback from consumers and staff to shape its future. "We want to hear from the fantastic customers and staff who share our passion for fresh handmade cosmetics on what they want the future of our new app to look like." Adam Goswell, Digital Designer, Lush


the new lush app (courtesy of lush)

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Whilst many retailers struggle to understand the rapidly changing retail and consumer landscape, Lush is embracing new technology to create a direct dialogue with their consumers. The tool will allow them to collaborate with their audience and build loyalty through their shared values.


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