letterbox wine

2017 March 20

garcon wine is not only delivered direct to your home but fits through your letterbox!

With a business built upon an 'e-club' online subscription model, Garcon Wines offers quality wine delivered to your home. Typically wine deliveries would consist of crates of 6 or more bottles delivered by courier but Garcon has set out to develop a more democratic business model based on convenience. Consumers will be able to opt for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries based upon a subscription service.

The innovative bottle is made from lightweight plastic and its streamlined shape permits it to squeeze through letterboxes. An especially adapted bottle and protective cardboard pack ensures the safe transit of individual bottles as they negotiate the post, the letterbox and the final drop onto your mat. The outer package is designed to cushion the contents and absorb any impact. Importantly the bottle looks good enough to grace any dining table with its elegant lines and slim profile.


image courtesy of garcon club

>< opinion

Garcon Wines has seen a gap in the market for a quality wine service that offers consumers an easy to use, convenient, on-line purchasing platform offering home delivery. By designing a bespoke bottle that facilitates home postal delivery, Garcon is removing the hassle-factor of having to stay in to receive deliveries and the knock-on hassle of rearranging missed deliveries. It also brings wine delivery to a whole new, younger audience who is growing up in the 'Uber' landscape of instant gratification and mobile ordering.


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