johnny doodle!

2016 July 20

johnny doodle! responds to consumer demand for ‘honest’ food and business practices

Inviting consumers to join 'Johnny' and 'stand up for a better world', Dutch confectionery brand Johnny Doodle! has created a fresh and quirky design to communicate honesty in a fun way. Handwritten fonts, doodles and vintage style graphics embrace an independent spirit asking insightful questions and challenges to its consumers. Fun and irreverent quotes fill the packaging in a style reminiscent of Innocent.


johnny doodle! packaging (courtesy of johnny doodle!)

>< opinion

Johnny Doodle! Is a feisty little disrupter brand taking advantage of its agility to tap into the beliefs and values of honesty and integrity that consumers are demanding of their brands. The packaging is fun and full of character and gives the brand plenty of scope to deliver future messages. Predominantly black & white on the outside, the inside of their chocolate bars are colourful and deliver a heartwarming message of social and environmental commitment.

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