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2016 May 27

how the internet of things (IoT) is changing everything

The integration of rapidly developing technology in the areas of product development and manufacturing can finally give us ultra personalized products. Accenture Interactive refers to the Internet of Things (IoT) as the dawn of "living services," wherein products or services evolve as users interact with them (e.g. apps automatically update on smartphones as they learn from your behaviour). 

The smart application of technology such as sensors (that are becoming increasingly affordable), offer manufacturers an almost limitless opportunity to design smart features into their products. Data from sensors that track usage behavior can help make the product and its user experience not only better, but personal. You will be able to find that mislaid pair of shoes, check out washing instructions and look up styling tips using your smartphone.   

Many ‘smart’ features will be designed around utility but there is also a huge opportunity for brands to reach out to consumers with shared values or to surprise and delight with restricted access to digital content.  


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Generation Z will grow up with this technology and they will expect their clothes to offer ‘smart’ added value.  Just imagine what’s possible. 

Our post-digital macro trend film explores this world of invisible technology, fluid interfaces and enhanced realities to guide brands into this ‘post-digital’ perspective. If you would like to view it and explore how the impact of new technologies on media and entertainment has a knock-on effect on brands, advertising and marketing, please get in touch -


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