packaging more important than product!

2016 April 25

innocent: "it's crazy how significant packaging is"

Innocent is a truly iconic brand and at the Business Funding Show in Feb 2016, Innocent co-founder Richard Reed claims much of the credit for the brand’s success is down to its packaging.

Reed says, “it is crazy how significant packaging is” and he uses the story of Innocent’s move into orange juice as a compelling example. 

When Innocent first launched its orange juice it used a standard carton design as per the norm in this sector.  In two years the product was delisted, having reached a mere £4M turnover.  Three years later, Innocent re-launched its orange juice in a plastic ‘carafe’ bottle.  Everything else was the same – the product, the price, the distribution & the branding but this time the product’s turnover reached £80M within two years!

"I think realistically for most FMCG products the packaging is more important than the product," says Reed. "It is how you get noticed and create desire, and impute what it is you are and stand for."


Innocent 'carafe' bottles

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This example illustrates the power of packaging innovation to create a competitive advantage in-store.

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