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2016 April 15

ikea places sustainability at the centre of its longterm corporate strategy

Business forecasts for IKEA group indicate that on current business models, IKEA’s use of wood will almost double and carbon emissions will increase to 50-60 million tons by 2020. In their Sustainability Report, IKEA recognises that to “fulfill future customer needs, address the higher price of raw materials and energy, while driving down emissions and maintaining our low-prices, we need to transform our business. We can no longer use 20th century approaches to meet 21st century demands.“

IKEA has set about challenging old ways and embracing the new, being bold, innovative and committed to taking action.

Initiatives include:

Turning waste into resources

  • Less than 15% of the waste generated in stores goes to landfill
  • In our industry group, we take waste wood that would have been burnt or sent to landfill and turn it into new board for wardrobes or bookshelves
  • We source raw materials with care, and are one of the world’s biggest buyers of certified wood from well-managed forests
  • More than a quarter of our cotton is from more sustainable sources
  • We offer responsibly sourced and organic food options in our restaurants

Ikea People & Planet Positive

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Businesses that place emphasis on corporate social responsibility and sustainability can help create a strong collective culture internally as well as benefiting from greater consumer trust.  The financial results of such companies suggests that this focus is also profitable as demonstrated by IKEA,  “Sustainability performance is announced alongside strong financial results for FY15 which show an increase in total sales to EUR 31.9 billion, an 11.2% increase (adjusted for currency impact) from last year. “

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