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2016 September 14

coca-cola bottles top the list of most iconic packaging

The iconic Coca-Cola bottle tops the list of the most iconic packaging in a recent survey of 1,500 British consumers carried out by Easyfairs.

FMCG brands dominated the list including Toblerone, Marmite, Pringles, Fairy Liquid and Heinz Ketchup, ownable shape appears to be the most recognisable feature with or without the branding.

One in six thought the Coca-Cola bottle was the most identifiable which despite a few design tweaks over the years remains at the centre of Coca-Cola's marketing communications strategy:

"Packaging has always been at the core of the Coca-Cola brand. Our bottle is our most visible and most valuable asset. While ads on TV, online or billboards will always be important, nothing beats the feeling of a cold Coca-Cola bottle in your hand. That is the ultimate experience design." Alex Center, Design Director at The Coca-Cola Company

Top Ten Most Recognisable Brand's Packaging (source: Easyfairs)

1. Coca-Cola Bottle
2. Toblerone Triangle
3. Marmite Jar
4. Pringles Tube
5. KFC Bucket
6. Heinz Ketchup Bottle
7. Fairy Liquid Bottle
8. Apple's iPhone Box
9. Walkers Crisp Packet
10. Amazon Box


toblerone packaging (courtesy of toblerone)

>< opinion

Packaging is such a powerful vehicle for a brand. It needs to not only be functional but also reflect the brand's values to resonate with consumers. Once in the home it 'lives on' and continues the brand's relationship with the consumer. High-end beauty brands understand this clearly and it was no surprise that Tiffany, Chanel No.5 and Jo Malone all narrowly missed out on the top 10.

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